Developed in collaboration with market players, the Primpromo Integrated Edition solution covers all property development-related processes.

Primpromo Integrated Edition is designed for developers wishing to industrialise their operations, and covers all of your organisation's needs, including the following departments: Development, Programme, Sales, Technical, Financial, Accounting, etc.

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With its comprehensive set of powerful modules, Primpromo Integrated Edition will cover all your business needs: budget simulation, financial management of your operations, management of legal firms, commercial management, property product tables, sales administration, contract management, advertising costs, accounting, etc.

"With Primpromo Integrated Edition, we're offering a solution delivering unrivalled functional performance and adapting to our clients' needs. We also provide support for their specific developments and a reliable interface with third-party tools"

Bruno Dupuis, Sales Director - Primpromo Integrated Edition

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Bruno Dupuis
Sales Director Primpromo Integrated Edition
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