Budget simulation & operations monitoring

Budget simulation

  • Definition of simulation scenarios: date of simulation, designation, type of scenario
  • Type of operation: Housing, Office, Residential Development, Assisted Living Facilities, Hotels
  • Provisional administrative, technical and commercial schedule, synchronised with the operation timeline
  • Multiproduct program description: number of lots, surface areas, unit cost per m², sale price per m², turnover, payments in kind, rents
  • Financial elements: financial expenses & income, credit, equity
  • Budget of the operation defined by expenditure items and subitems (formula (base * rate * site limits) and/or package)
  • Cash flow plan: automatic or personalised distribution


Financial management of operations

  • Management of balance sheets: studies, committees, management activities, accounting, updates
  • Track commitments, billing and payments
  • Return on equity, TRI indicators
  • Operational reporting, budget comparisons

Commercial management & payment requests

Commercial management / lot grids

  • Creation by type
  • Division description: type, com. no., surface area, price, floor no., exposure, annexes, condominium no., proportionate shares
  • Price tracking: committee price, grid price, commercial price, selling price
  • Elaboration of synoptic grid
  • Commercial launch
  • Definition of lots
  • Import / export of grid


Sales administration

  • Operation schedule / timeline (by building, product)
  • Option, reservation / withdrawal, notarised deed / contract amendment
  • Handover of keys / delivery
  • Buyer postal addresses
  • Buyer modification (TMA) management
  • Commercial reporting


Payment requests

  • Issuance of payment requests: automatic and manual
  • Buyer remittances: option to record using barcode readers
  • Customer reminders (3 levels)
  • Sending of letters with delivery confirm.
  • Monitoring of buyer account: statement
  • Automatic inclusion of bank transfers

Management of expenditure, contracts & works


  • Contractor management by construction trade
  • Index of contractors and supplier scoring
  • Percontractor contact management



  • Works contracts and riders for additional works, modifications by buyers or interior/exterior works
  • Management of subcontractors, assignments and payment delegations
  • Technical progress: work situation, holdbacks, deposits
  • Final accounting for complete work: work completion file, final accounting of complete work, release and maintenance of holdbacks
  • Order with schedule of expenses


Orders and invoices

  • Purchase orders: with bills
  • Direct invoices: without purchase order
  • Assignments of receivables and payment delegations
  • Purchase order


Advertising costs

  • Advertising order forms: commercial phase, action plan, delivery date, advertising medium, advertising pitch
  • Advertising invoices
  • Advertising media
  • Action plans and list of commitments by action plan
  • Comparative budget statement / committed / invoiced / paid
  • Cutoff statement: Purchase order not fully invoiced


Validation workflow (3 levels)

Technical Reporting

Management of rights, authorisations & security

Operational authorisations

  • Based on the client's organisational structure
  • Authorisations per real estate program


Functional authorisations

  • Per user group
  • Per module
  • Features built into each module: display or nondisplay of function, secure buttons
  • Traceability of connections per module and per user

Unified management of third parties (customers / suppliers)

  • Identification of external accountants
  • Category of third party (suppliers, client buyers, renters, other third parties, notaries public, intragroup)
  • External records (VAT, DADS2, Intragroup, etc.)
  • Terms and conditions for IBAN / BIC payment
  • Notion of blocked external parties
  • Comments
  • Contacts management

List of supplementary modules

  • Management of administrative fees
  • Consolidation of operations and cash flow plans
  • Aftersales service
  • Fee management
  • CRM
  • Distribution to web portals
  • Bid management
  • Percentageof-completion margin
  • Project roadmap
  • Reservation management systems interface